How To Play vs. How To Run

The GM Guide for Akkadian Rhythms is taking shape, and it is not focusing on how to play the game. That information is already available in the Player Handouts, so it is not a major topic of the guide. What it is focusing is on how to run a campaign in this setting.

I think this is an interesting approach, because I feel like most RPG gaming materials follow a very similar pattern. They just check off boxes on whether they have character creation materials, whether there is combat materials, whether there is a spell list and a monster list. Putting them in this order is a common solution to a common problem, but I don’t feel like it works well.

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3 Easy Steps to Build Character!

Not really, but this week’s play test of Akkadian Rhythms was a good experience. The group has not kicked off the campaign yet, but I got to go through character creation with one of the members this past weekend, which was a great experience to walk through the rules. I also had another group go through character creation the next day. I really like the feedback and the reactions.

Working on schedules now and a venue. Which is very interesting because I’ve been doing some research on starting new groups locally, and it’s fun to see how the advice pans out. I’ve been running online games on VTTs for so long that it feels like the first time I’ve ever found an in-person group. So I’ll continue to be patient and eagerly write down all the feedback I can get my hands on.

In the mean time, I have been continuing work on the GM guide. Here’s a completely out of context excerpt that should be a fun read.

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A Little Surprise

While working on the Akkadian Rhythms Game Master guide, I realized that there was some information that is better served in a different format.

So there is a cool piece of bonus material that I am working on in order to simplify the guide itself. I expect to have this bonus material done just about when the manuscript of the GM guide is ready. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, I got the Skills handout reviewed enough to call it a first draft. So here are all the player handouts again with the latest changes.

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Let’s try this again

Yesterday’s Akkadian Rhythms kick off had to be cut short due to some unforeseen circumstances, but I got to talk to some folks at the shop a bit. We swapped some fantasy themed ear stories and talked about the setting. So that was fun. Aiming for next Saturday and some better time management.

Speaking of time management, I did have time to something cool. These are some printouts if the player materials from the local print shop.

This was really helpful because I immediately saw a lot of items to improve, especially the effect of the low DPI logos. Another thing to attack is a friendly grayscale image for the dice diagrams.

All in all, I think yesterday was still a great day for development, and I’m better prepped for kicking off the campaign this weekend.

The Last Handout

Although the last post had all of the handouts needed to create a character for play, there was one thing missing. Players that have more of the historical setting knowledge need the Setting Handout to get started.

This is for players who choose crafts like Massar Noble. There is just more information that is helpful for discovering the mythology and how the world is connected. Players who wanted to choose a cult will find their cults in this handout as well.

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This is not only a test

Yay, rough draft for the Akkadian Rhythms Skills Handout is done! With that being said, I think it’s no longer time to babel on, and time to make good on the promise and release some PLAY TESTING MATERIALS!

What you’ll find is everything you need to make a character and run the game. The Player Handout covers character creation. The Combat & Equipment handout goes through all of the rules for resolving conflict either through fights or skills. The Skills Handout provides the details for starting a character and for leveling up to roughly level 10.

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More Art for Handouts

I have always intended to make images for every weapon in the Akkadian Rhythm Handouts. I wanted to continue the style used in Mundane Magic, but after working with a two color setup on the handouts so far, it made sense to change things up. Now they are smaller, monochromatic, and resemble video game item HUDs.

I’m really enjoying these little icons, and it’s really helpful to the layout to make them smaller and simpler. They suggest something without being super detailed, leaving enough up to the imagination. That’s important to the game because the initial weapon list is intended to work as a guideline for making new weapons. If the GM wants to add something like a Gunstock Warclub, they should have enough similar weapons to model it after. So in this regard, having enough up to the imagination makes it easier to follow the template of existing parts of the game to add new things.

Here are samples of what I have so far.

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Title Logo

I’ve put together some samples for the title and logo for Akkadian Rhythms. I’m quite attached to this cuneiform word. It is Akkadu, which is Akkadian for, well… Akkadian. The question is what kind of lettering expresses the idea of this ancient culture?


I have three options that I really like and am asking for opinions on which ones you all like best. So feel free to vote and add any feedback in the comments.

I’m excited!

I make cakes. (Makeshift icing nozzles)

Yeah, I also make cakes. It’s weird, but I know a lot of families that struggle at birthday times and taking away the cost and worry of a cake really helps the parents make it better for the kids.

In the process, I ALWAYS forget to get icing tools. Also, they all suck. I’ve now learned how to make homemade ones as I am working, and its really quick.

Step 1. Open the icing and remove the tin foil.

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