Timeless: Basic Manual – Product Spotlight.

The Timeless: Basic Manual is the core. The meat and potatoes of what you need to get started in a story driven role playing game. The game leans heavily on the narrative that players provide. They tell their own stories and lean on their own character backgrounds to tell those stories. When conflicts arise, players then uses small pools of dice (d4, d6, and d8) to roll against target numbers. Each contest having quick resolution, and leaving the descriptions up to the player.

The basic manual is a free, share-alike resource. It sets up very simple rules that are not tied to any specific setting. What this means is that anybody can create their own worlds in which to play. And with the share-alike nature (CCBY to be exact) these worlds can be shared and sold to the person’s content. Official supplements exist as well, the first being Timeless: Creatures!.

The Timeless: basic Manual is available in PDF and eBook formats at the following links:
Google Play
Kindle Store
Nook Store

Note: Though the PDFs are free, eBook formats may have different pricing due to distribution requirements.

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