A Week is Plenty of Time to Make the Same Mistake

Well, there goes Sunday AND Monday. Sheesh. How time flies… (like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana).


However, I’m definitely going to fulfill that promise and give away last Sunday’s copy of Creatures! today! The first person to comment gets a free copy. But there’s more!

This next month I am going to be focusing on the Woods of Edir novels and role playing game. Development on both is moving along and the playtests for the RPG are fun to world-build for and play. So starting Thursday, I’ll sell the first book, Fearsome Devils, at a discount price. But how much should it be? How about we let the audience determine that. I’m going to start at 10% off. Everyone who comments adds 10% to that. If it reaches 100%, I’ll give that commenter a free copy and keep the discount at 90% for everyone else.

Can’t beat that!

Now go spread the word to save some money!

(Discount Contest ends 12:00am EDT 7/3/2014.)


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