Product Spotlight: Fearsome Devils

I think that with many RPG writers, I wanted to write fiction long before deciding to write an RPG. This is why this little Novella is so near to my heart. Fearsome Devils is my fest step in what I plan on making a long writing career in fiction and fantasy. Yet it does not fall far from the RPG tree.

The next supplement coming out for Timeless the RPG is called Woods of Edir. This is a fantasy setting that explores a lot more of the possibilities with magic in a heavy story system. (It also provides a nice bite of crunch for people looking for combat.) Fearsome Devils introduces players to the world that they will get to play in.

The story follows the actions of many of the denizens of the forest, known as the Children, as they try to keep their village going in the often harsh woods. They are under constant watch of the fearsome devils who try to control them. Yet even other Children become harsh antagonists getting in the way of their survival.

The main characters are Merg, a skilled Talker tasked with keeping the social woes of the villagers down, Syrel, a wayward Lightfoot struggling to keep his quarrelsome whims in check, Autumn, a mysterious Whisperer who watches over the forest with her skill and eccentricity, and Regg, a dependable and steadfast Master who works his hardest to help the villagers.


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