A Lover is Blue

…taking a break from our regularly scheduled RPG programming…

A Lover is Blue

A fantastic song by Charles Carpenter, Jimmy Mundy, and Trummy Young. Written in ~1939 and performed by such greats as Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra.

Even in this internet age, information about this song has almost entirely dried up. Carpenter, Mundy, and Young were all little known musicians who were only known behind the scenes for arrangements. It seems that Carpenter wrote the lyrics, Mundy wrote the music, and Young was responsible for the arrangement.

I know this song from a long lost Frank Sinatra rendition. The recording of the song has deteriorated over time and modern released versions contain lots of audio artifacts and even skips. It seems it was only performed live and the recording survives only in compilation albums.

The one I have, a strange little “best of CD” made by the TKO company in Holland. The official name of the CD is “TWO22222” and it was released in 2006.

Below are some of the very few resources that have information on the song:


Just hoping that I can keep this information alive somewhere on the internet. We return to our regularly scheduled programming on Friday!


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