Hard Work Pays Off

This advice is both amazingly true and disgustingly misleading. Nobody achieves greatness without unreasonable amounts of dedication. That dedication means beating out everyone else. The road of every successful hard worker is paved with the bodies of equally hard workers who simply missed an opportunity. And that road crossed many other roads lined with bodies because the traveler never stayed down. He always got back up.

So it’s a sad truth that the things you work the hardest for are not always the things that you get. And you’ll never get them if you give up, but you still may never get them at all. Another path to success is to recognize opportunities. Because that thing that you work hardest for may open up a door to something grand, that you should strive for instead.

I love RPGs. I work hard at them and will continue to do so without expecting great success. I can strive for it all I want, but the journey is the goal. But it’s never been my real path.

A previous post discussed Pittsburgh Dad, and how the show happened by accident. The most successful venture of these film makers is a goal that opened itself up only because they strove for something else.

I am the same way. I am much more successful as ThePunKing. I’ve been doing this humor for years and have had way more time to perfect it. One day, on a whim, I created an online gig and it has been fairly successful. That’s the road that has opened itself up, not the one I thought I was working for.

Does this mean I don’t love Timeless and its supplements? Does this mean that this journey is not worth it? No. It means that I have two paths to follow and both journeys are fantastic. It doesn’t matter if ThePunKing ends in ruins, (whether they be greek, roman, or mayan) I’ll enjoy every day of it. And it doesn’t matter if Timeless is only ever read by a single hermit sitting in a tree house in the middle of the forest. I will enjoy every day of that journey the same.

Sometimes I feel like focusing on one without the other is dishonest to readers. Or perhaps I feel it is dishonest to myself because efforts for one could be used on another. So I write this post to “come clean” about it. I really have an on and an off switch for both personalities. (No, like a southeast asian baker I can never stop making pad buns. I mean bad puns.) Sometimes I’m writing humor and sometimes I’m imagining fantasy worlds and harkening back to 19th century writing habits.

So I want to encourage writers out there to not just continue to work hard. Look for opportunities instead, and have the wherewithal to put just as much work into them as you have in your journey thus far.


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