Mundane Magic – The items

Whew, that was a lot of long nights at my day job, but finally I’m picking up steam on a little side project for Timeless the RPG. Recently a comment suggested putting together a list of magical items to go along with the each genre in Timeless. I feel like a total stooge for not realizing the value of this sooner. (So thanks again for the suggestion.) Fortunately I already had a similar list of magical items that were used in a campaign this past year. So that list is being compiled into free printable pdfs.

The goal is to have a list of magical and mundane items for each of the 3 genres discussed in the Basic Manual. Each have the short sentence of Timeless stats followed by some flavor and a pricing system that is meant to be easy to convert to other systems. When ready, they’ll be released as 3 separate pdfs with brand new art.

The working titles are Mundane Magic, Mundane Modern, and Mundane Tech. It’s just a funny way that the names came about. I had to type out “mundane and magic” enough times that I started forgetting to type the “and” in the middle. At the moment I think it has a nice ring to it.

I’m a programmer, and generally I only produce “programmer art,” but I really enjoy adding finer details into pixel art. Not 8bit, but early 90’s computer rpg style art. (think Ultima 7). This has become an adventure in digging into a more creative side and hopefully emerging with a fun and nostalgic style. Most importantly, each image is going to be released as public domain (CC0). I’ll remain convinced that I’m not particularly good at art, but hopefully the images can go on to help other people be creative in new endeavors.

Here’s are some previews! (Constructive criticism welcome)

club dagger huntingspear

macestaff sword

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