You Are Your Own Main Character

The prevailing culture driven by, I think, social media is one of not being proactive. If we care about something, we give it a thumbs up online. We pay lip service to our friends. We talk about how fun it would be to at on things with nothing more than hope that they will get done.

This is a sad existence. We’re not satisfied with that kind of interaction. We’re humans. We’re natural story tellers. We crave explanation, detail, and meaning. We never act without a story to tell after, even if told only to our own minds.

We can be part of a different culture instead, one that operates around and above us. That culture consists of people who live their own stories. People who have decided to be main characters in their own story.

The tendency in the inactive culture is to allow things to happen around us. To be reactive people. It’s a thought that our life only changes when things change around us. We need to be secure in our comfortable habits and hope that nothing can break them. But instead of being changed by things happening around us, we can be the force of change in our own lives. We can be the hero in our own story.

Anti-heroes are popular. People don’t want to read about a one dimensional character. They want to see the fractures and the flaws, but seriously. Don’t be that anti-hero. Be a super hero! Do great things!

So what does doing something great mean? Well it means what each person wants it to. For some it is serving a community, for others it is taking a career step, and for others it is creating something. We see the end result of creation and think “boy, it would be great to be the one who made that,” but the reality is that the only thing standing between a good idea and a finished product is doing the work!

One of the big disheartening events is seeing the unbridled success of others. What is the value of doing something without the guarantee of their success? That’s not the question! The question is why we only consider popular things to be great things. Caring for others and volunteering is pretty cool too and that sure won’t make us popular. No, doing something great, being a hero, is about doing something, not being popular.

Here’s an interesting thought. The famous line from an old song is “this great world is a good world after all.” Well, didn’t we just mix up those superlatives? Isn’t great just better than good? Perhaps that’s where the confusion lies. See, great used to mean big, and in this case good doesn’t mean quality, it means benevolence!

So when you become the hero of your own story, you set out to do something big. Something great. Perhaps it is good and perhaps it is pretty shabby. That doesn’t matter, the hero overcame the world around him and did something great. That’s the story you want to tell because it’s the story of succeeding at our dreams.


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