Concordance Character Bible for Google Docs

concordance_smThe first question that I ask any writer that I come across these days is simple: “What tools do you use to write?”.

There are such a wide variety of authoring tools out there that it seems every writer has their own set of tools. Where microsoft word may be popular for many to write the story, they each have a different process for brain storming and creating story webs. There even seems to be as many brands of writing software as there are ways to write! Some have amazing professional tools, some are great at publishing but not writing, some are great at brainstorming but not publishing.

So what about writers who are on a tight budget or simply would rather use Google Docs?

For me, Google Docs is a must have. What I need more than anything out of a writing tool is collaboration, web editing, and revision histories. I can hobble together story timelines and character narrative charts easier than I can handle passing around save files from computer to computer. I just always wished that Google Docs had more tools to make the job easier.

Enter Concordance Character Bible! This is the first app in a suite of writing tools for Google Docs to solve that problem. Concordance allows writers to track their character entries on a side panel and search through the story text for references to characters. It’s really easy to use and Concordance even maintains its own revision history in order to roll back to older versions of characters!

There are many needs that writers have, and I am continuing work on apps to bridge all of those gaps. Soon Google Docs users will have every professional tool at their finger tips.


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