Fearsome Devils – Chapter 4

And now the final free chapter from Fearsome Devils. In this chapter the story returns from the bloody battle and returns focus to the village and its survival. The talkers take the stage again, discussing their own plans and what they’ll mean for the village. My favorite character is introduced in this chapter, Autumn. Her distrust for authority doesn’t change the way that she values the lives of the villagers. I think this speaks a lot of small towns as well. I grew up in a small community. Each person in the community doesn’t have to get along with every other for it to be a great place to live.

If you’ve enjoyed this novella up to this point, then grab a copy. It’s available exclusively on Kindle.

The Fearsome King

Each village exists because the Children of Edir are driven to survive. Lone existence in the forest is difficult, and survival depends on the aid of fellow Children. This need is unnatural for the Children because their own free will drives them. It takes a strong connection to set aside one’s own will for the purpose of bettering others, but knowing that each villager chooses to stay a part of society makes their contribution whole-hearted.

The biggest boon to survival in Edir is the enchanted life that’s scattered throughout the forest. Areas of enchanted life well up a spring of Joon that has many benefits, including healing the sick. Each area of enchanted life is different, many are even harmful. That is why the protection and understanding of these areas is so important. This reliance makes a village so necessary, as no one child can protect and understand enchanted life alone.

Fol had access to two areas of enchanted life. The pool of healing could reverse the ravages of combat on flesh; but more importantly it provided life to the ground around it, making farming possible in an area so choked with trees. The dried well was a cursed area used for protection. Any of those who breath its vapors have the air removed from their breast and are sent weakly coughing and stumbling away with visions of sadness in their minds. The well was extended into a trench by skilled preparers to protect an entire flank of the village.



Fearsome Devils – Chapter 3

Here is the 3rd chapter from Fearsome Devils. The writing style in this chapters sets the scene for most of the remaining story. The Children live in a dangerous world. Life and death conflicts creep up every day, and their relationships as villagers provide strength to overcome each challenge. The dark and graphic fight scene embodies that world. Furthermore, the Children are not infallible heroes. They all enjoy and suffer from their own free will.

As readers, I’m hoping that you’ve noticed that the village itself is the true central character. Each Child chips in for it to succeed, whether at their best or at their worst.


A charming embrace is not all that lightfoots can muster. The powerful stride of a stallion was just enough for the hunters to keep pace with Syrel and his crew, but no more. Before they reached the spot where the dogs were seen, all three lightfoots leapt forward and disappeared into the branches of trees.

A whistle was heard. The leaves of a tree rustled, a blur passed the vision of the hunters, and another tree bent as one of the swift fighters landed gracefully on its branches. The walkers stood silently, observing each blurred leap one by one until the lightfoots were out of view.

Alladeck held his hand up to settle the hunters. They remained silent, patiently waiting for word from Syrel of what was ahead. Moments turned to minutes and the sun moved through the sky. Silently, and determined the hunters stood and waited.


Fearsome Devils – Chapter 2

From the first book in the Woods of Edir setting, Fearsome Devils, here is the second chapter. This chapter sets the stage for who the characters are, how they depend on each other, and what the village means. I wanted to give the readers a snapshot of village life in Edir. It is not primitive, just simple. Joon really is a strong part of their lives.

The most important thing introduced are the 3 talkers, and what talkers really do for this society. Their role in village life is foreign to us, but the value of relationships is so indispensable to the Children.

 The Village

Edir is a forest hidden away, behind seas, and mountains, and valleys. It exists in solitude simply because it has yet to be discovered. It exists that way also because the denizens of the forest would never leave and be cut off from their precious Joon.

I know that these words find only the minds of the common man because not even the printing press has graced our primitive lands. The newest advancement to the people in Edir is farming; mastery of it is a process of discovery. Knowing in what state my audience exists, an explanation of life here is necessary.

In order to understand, you must first know what Joon is. The best that you may see in your lifetime is a glimpse of magic. Magicians and sorcerers reach into a void and bring back a bit of magic in their hands, but all creatures in Edir have hearts that beat in tune with the magic of the forest. We all have a special connection to the Joon.


Fearsome Devils – Chapter 1

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a few chapters from Fearsome Devils, the first fiction book in the Woods of Edir series. This first chapter introduces the world, and gives readers a feel for the differences between our world and the magical forest life. This chapter also sets the stage for the mystery of who the hero is in the story.


Greetings, child of the common race of man. I hope that my words find you enjoying the warm vacation of the mind that a book provides. Sitting comfortably in a chair, perhaps you may have even nestled in front of the fireplace. I am almost envious of those conveniences, but that envy falls short for the same reason that it falls for all of the Children of Edir. My world comforts me with the joyous embrace of Joon.

You may be curious to what Joon is, or why it won’t extend its grasp outside of the woods of Edir. All this will be revealed, if you care to listen. I find the need to let a story pass on to you. One of adventure and intrigue. One where a brave soul saves the lives of two villages from the jealous ire of a mighty king among devils. One where I am the hero.

As I tell this story I will not let slide who I am. I will save that until the end; but an ease on your mind I also wish to give. This story ends with good overcoming evil, a triumphant celebration, and a great feast. Most importantly, I survived this story to tell it. So please humor my musings and enjoy the common comforts as this web is spun for you.