Product Spotlights

Mundane Magic Release

Mundane Magic, The free companion material for Timeless the RPG, has been released on DriveThruRPG! It is now available in PDF format so grab your copy now.

This companion material expands on the list of weapons for a generic fantasy setting. It adds the common weapon and armor types as well as a list of magical items. Most importantly, all of the graphical artwork is released into the public domain and comes bundled with the PDF.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your imagination with Timeless the RPG and try it out!


New Products: Fill-able PDF Character Sheets now Available!

Adding to your ease to get into a game of Timeless, there are now form fill-able PDF copies of all of the character sheets for Timeless basic and Timeless Creatures! The character sheets have been enlarged for ease of use and are designed to be filled out and printed before a game, or simply printed and made available for new players at game time.

The new files include the Timeless basic Character Sheet, Creatures! Character Sheet, and Creatures! Creature Sheet for GM reference.

Grab them now free, and get your stories told!

Fearsome Devils 50% off!

Now that you’ve had the chance to preview the book, here’s another special offer. For this weekend only take 50% off the PDF version at DriveThruRPG! Follow the adventures of Syrel, Merg, and Inedar. Meet fun new characters, like the powerful Lulu, hearty Clarra, and the vile and disgusting Tu En. See the fate of the village and how they overcome their cruel overlords. Share in adventure, sadness, and glory as the town struggles to survive in the dangerous Woods of Edir.

RPG Circus

Last night I had the pleasure of joining Jeff and Ben at the RPG Circus podcast to promote Timeless. We discussed the basics behind the system, the supplements, and the Woods of Edir series. This was also a great chance to ham it up with the hosts who never missed a beat. A real high class establishment. Although I’m sure they’d be modest and call it the illusion of such. It’s a great illusion! Keep up the good work.

Click here to listen to the show.

Product Spotlight: Fearsome Devils

I think that with many RPG writers, I wanted to write fiction long before deciding to write an RPG. This is why this little Novella is so near to my heart. Fearsome Devils is my fest step in what I plan on making a long writing career in fiction and fantasy. Yet it does not fall far from the RPG tree.

The next supplement coming out for Timeless the RPG is called Woods of Edir. This is a fantasy setting that explores a lot more of the possibilities with magic in a heavy story system. (It also provides a nice bite of crunch for people looking for combat.) Fearsome Devils introduces players to the world that they will get to play in.

The story follows the actions of many of the denizens of the forest, known as the Children, as they try to keep their village going in the often harsh woods. They are under constant watch of the fearsome devils who try to control them. Yet even other Children become harsh antagonists getting in the way of their survival.

The main characters are Merg, a skilled Talker tasked with keeping the social woes of the villagers down, Syrel, a wayward Lightfoot struggling to keep his quarrelsome whims in check, Autumn, a mysterious Whisperer who watches over the forest with her skill and eccentricity, and Regg, a dependable and steadfast Master who works his hardest to help the villagers.

Timeless: Basic Manual – Product Spotlight.

The Timeless: Basic Manual is the core. The meat and potatoes of what you need to get started in a story driven role playing game. The game leans heavily on the narrative that players provide. They tell their own stories and lean on their own character backgrounds to tell those stories. When conflicts arise, players then uses small pools of dice (d4, d6, and d8) to roll against target numbers. Each contest having quick resolution, and leaving the descriptions up to the player.

The basic manual is a free, share-alike resource. It sets up very simple rules that are not tied to any specific setting. What this means is that anybody can create their own worlds in which to play. And with the share-alike nature (CCBY to be exact) these worlds can be shared and sold to the person’s content. Official supplements exist as well, the first being Timeless: Creatures!.

The Timeless: basic Manual is available in PDF and eBook formats at the following links:
Google Play
Kindle Store
Nook Store

Note: Though the PDFs are free, eBook formats may have different pricing due to distribution requirements.