Smashwords Summer Sale

Bookworms are the most traditional kind of nerds, but all those new-fangled video game nerds are bragging about their hauls from the steam summer sale. Don’t let all that get you down because Smashwords strikes back with a huge event lasting until July 31st. Get many indy titles at huge discounts, many even free… Wait, did I just say free? YES SIREEBOB!

For this month only the Novella Fearsome Devils is free at Smashwords! Dive into the exciting forest of Edir and let your imagination crawl into the deep recesses of dark caves, run through the dense woods, and enjoy a quiet conversation with the animals.

Happy reading!




A Week is Plenty of Time to Make the Same Mistake

Well, there goes Sunday AND Monday. Sheesh. How time flies… (like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana).


However, I’m definitely going to fulfill that promise and give away last Sunday’s copy of Creatures! today! The first person to comment gets a free copy. But there’s more!

This next month I am going to be focusing on the Woods of Edir novels and role playing game. Development on both is moving along and the playtests for the RPG are fun to world-build for and play. So starting Thursday, I’ll sell the first book, Fearsome Devils, at a discount price. But how much should it be? How about we let the audience determine that. I’m going to start at 10% off. Everyone who comments adds 10% to that. If it reaches 100%, I’ll give that commenter a free copy and keep the discount at 90% for everyone else.

Can’t beat that!

Now go spread the word to save some money!

(Discount Contest ends 12:00am EDT 7/3/2014.)

I Think Anthony Kiedis Loves Contests Too

I’d love to say that this past Sunday’s Timeless:Creatures giveaway went off without a hitch, but it also went off without the horse, cart, or any of the produce being taken to market. But don’t despair, today we’re going to pick up where we left off.

So get those brainpans working because this week comes with a challenge. The following is a sequence of 7 numbers calculated with a certain pattern. Players must complete the sequence to the next number, except that the sequence will keep growing with every entry. If the person before you finds the 8th number, you must find the 9th, and when you find the 9th the next player must find the 10th. Continue ad nauseam, but please don’t throw up. Math induced vomiting is more of a feature of calculus.

The pattern:

12, 13, 15, 19, 27, 43, 75, 139, 267

(Updated with the first 2 correct responses )


Respond in the comments for this blogpost to win your free copy of Timeless: Creatures!. Already have a copy? That’s just fine because I’ll give a free copy of the novella Fearsome Devils to the winner instead.

Contest Time!

For each the remaining Sunday in June, I’ll be giving out a free copy of Timeless: Creatures!


Everyone who responds to this blog post will be entered to win.


Already have a copy of Creatures!?, anyone who as already purchased a copy will win a free copy of Fearsome Devils instead.


Note: To win, you must comment on this blog post. The winner will be selected at random from the list of replies. The prize will be sent via e-mail or DriveThruRPG. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. All rights reserved. All widgets are cogs, but not all cogs are widgets. Follow the white rabbit. Don’t feed the mogwai after midnight.